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The logo of Aspire indicates a concept of “screen”. It is known that we have entered into an “era of screen”, which will definitely tend to the integration of multiple screens. Aspire has always been committed to the diversification of the “screen era”. 

Having the whole graphics in mind, the collocation of the rounded lines and angles implies China Mobile, Creative and Customer, 3Cs, which signifies that Aspire is a subsidiary of China mobile, and aims at innovations and serving customers. Meanwhile, screens are always compared to windows, which show a bright outlook and great vision. The overlapping design also represents the diversity of Aspire’s services.

The overall design renders an impression of Aspire breaking through a screen, a vivid process with unlimited mysteries and imagination. It is expected that Aspire will, with relentless efforts, provide customers in various sectors and fields with more surprises, breakthroughs and a bright future.

By virtue of the elaborate design from designers, both the Chinese and English characters carry over a fashionable flavor. The specifically-designed trendy graphic scripts show both squareness and smoothness, both tranquility and agility.

The color application in this design follows the tradition of Aspire, which corresponds to the continuity of its brand. The color of dark orange indicates enthusiasm, the color of saffron, vigor; and the color of grey, staidness. The whole design radiates stylishness, public recognition, high quality and specific characteristics of the communication industry. The dynamics embodied in the design coexists with the implied preciseness and well balance.