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Founded in June 2000, Aspire starts as a subsidiary of China Mobile Communication Corporation (CMCC). As the earliest advocate and pioneer of China mobile data services, Aspire has been actively facilitating CMCC in exploring and expanding businesses in the areas such as IT, ICT and the Internet.


In the information service field, Aspire has developed for CMCC various super-large service platforms across China, including Mobile Information Service Center (MISC) and Service Information Management System (SIMS), as well as multiple services and products such as Mobile Newspaper, Mobile Market, Mobile Reading, Mobile Weibo, and a search engine. It is one of the driving forces that define the business leadership of China Mobile.


With its robust R&D and operation capabilities, Aspire has obtained such professional qualifications as CA Certification and Computer System Integration Authentication Level-1, and is the owner of over 40 patents and over 50 software copyrights. The company has developed an integrated R&D and operation system with core capabilities such as media operation, e-commerce platform, marketing channel, information security, IT O&M, and O&M management. Moreover, it has been working on joint research and operations in cloud computing with Tsinghua University, Beihang University, etc. to constantly consolidate and improve its R&D capabilities of core technologies.


With a flexible market-oriented talent mechanism, Aspire has built a team of over 2,500 employees that possesses IT, ICT, Internet experiences, favourable age structure, and high professionalism. Its business coverage has extended to more than 30 provinces and municipalities, and a number of branch offices have been established in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Chengdu so as to provide customers with full technical and operational support.


As the trailblazer of China Mobile’s digital innovation, Aspire, on one hand, adopts a market-oriented operation model to provide customers with supporting operation services, improve customers’ experience in a sustained manner and win over their trust with quality service. On the other hand, it has been focusing on independent innovation, and has established an internal mechanism of business incubation featured by an "incubation - entrepreneurship - venture capital financing" model. By fully utilizing the accumulated technologies and experiences, it actively explores the new types of mobile Internet services, and seeks partnership and joint venture opportunities with external sources to aggregate resources and capabilities and maximize the value of innovation services.


In the future, Aspire will uphold the strategic vision of "inspiring potentials, co-creating value, and becoming a digital and intelligent innovation enabler of the industry", strive to be a strong digital innovation supporter to operators, a smart bridge between operators and vertical industries, and a technical operation expert in digital and intelligent innovation of the industry. It will also actively explore the markets outside the mobile industry, make innovative attempts in such vertical industries as government cooperation, medical care and education, work with partners to deliver win-win results, and promote the transformation and development of the company in an all-round way.


Aspire, to Inpire!