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SIMS2.0 Boosts Fujian Mobile in Realization of Whole-ranged Information Management of Monternet

With the deepening development of Monternet, it puts forward higher request on information construction.Under the guidance of China Mobile Communications Corporation, Fujian Mobile together with Aspire have launched the Monternet whole-ranged information management system as well as SIMS2.0 pilot work since August of 2007.Through the construction and implementation of nearly one year, whole-ranged Monternet cooperation was  successfully realized and full-electronic S2.0 boosted Fujian Mobile in realizing Monternet whole-ranged information management, which was recognized by China Mobile Communications Corporation in June of 2008 and then promoted in the entire network.

Customer Requirements

To establish efficient closed-looped Monternet whole-ranged electronic management process
To implementation comprehensive fine management on partners
To realize deep operation support of Monternet

To further enhance the safety management of the system application

Product Applications and Customer Benefits:

Whole-ranged e-management was realized in each link of Monternet (services). System management took th place of manual operation, remarkably improving the management level and efficiency:

• Greatly improving the processing link of off-line data in daily work, reducing the error probability, improving the work efficiency and increasing the transparency of the cooperative management.
• Increasing the communication and complaint channels of service providers, forming workorder management between partnership and each relevant departments inside mobile companies(such as webmaster, business support, customer service, finance) .
• Realizing life cycle track of service providers and its services, which is convenient for service managers to grasp the multi-dimensional information of service providers in a timely manner.
• The audit function of Monternet service data further enhances the efficiency of violation verification on Monternet services and turns punishment after the event into advanced warning, effectively improving the overall quality of Monternet services.

Customer Activities

Fujian Mobile entrusts ASPire Company to carry out e-management on full process of Monternet based on SIMS (new service information management system) platform and requires to realize the following Monternet management requirements:

• Optimization of the whole-ranged management process of Monternet and modular design of the system on the basis of process optimization, with access management, daily management, exit management as the main line.
• Strengthening the comprehensive analysis ability of service operation of system, enhancing the ability of violation verification and adding management flow such as violation verification, assessment, complaints on the service providers.
• Implementation full lifecycle management of Monternet service providers and its services and increasing comprehensive information management of partners' resources.
• Optimization of account management of the platform in order to conform to the provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
• Strengthening communication and collaboration function of platform, including information circulation and data interaction among service providers, among different departments as well as among different platforms.