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Digital Content Copyright Cooperation


Digital Content Copyright Cooperation: Dezico Fun-Land

Dezico Fun-Land is a tile-matching video game with the original series cartoon Dezico as a prototype. The game gives a high return of the original brilliant pictures and the original voice and background music of the cartoon. In the game, players will use the removing mode to help Dick overcome one barrier after another in a town where Dick and his playmates live and also fight with the arch-villain Dr LUCKY in defense of "goodness".

Customer Requirements:

The cartoon IP Dezico needed adapting for game. Aspire, by means of copyright cooperation, recommended a high-quality game maker, successfully adapted Dezico for a tile-matching mobile game Dezico Fun-Land. This mobile game won the title of MM B-level initial-issue resource.

Customer Profile:

Shenzhen Yitian Internet Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 by the mobile Internet senior elite. Placing first priority on independent R & D, oriented towards product quality, the company is committed to providing users with easy-to-use-and-play products and services, specializing in R & D, agency distribution and O & M of smart mobile phone games. Thanks to seasoned planning, fine arts, R & D and operating teams, taking independent R & D and running premium games as the principal thing, the company has independently developed 20-plus games and issued more than 100 games as agent.