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Editing & Review Service

 Editing & Review Service: Fujian Mobile Office Assistant Platform

Fujian Mobile office assistant platform information security review service. The office assistant platform is an information release business platform Fujian Mobile provides for enterprise customers. The platform integrates industry mobile newspapers, animation MMS, animation, enterprise short message platform (ESMP), enterprise email, and other products to provide all-round information release solutions for enterprises. The professional editing & review support service project provides information collection and editing service for enterprise customers on the Fujian Mobile office assistant platform, and, at the same time, offers information content security review service before business information release on the platform to ensure information security and legality of the Fujian Mobile office assistant platform.

Customer Demand:

The Fujian Mobile office assistant platformis mainly geared to the needs of corporate customers, integrating information release of a variety of forms of products, including industry mobile newspapers, animation MMS, animation,enterprise short message platform (ESMP), enterprise email, etc. The main demand of Fujian Mobile is how to guarantee the accuracy, legality and security of the information enterprise customer release on the office assistant platform and prevent information security incidents from giving rise to an adverse effect on Fujian Mobile.

Customer Action:

Fujian Mobile exchanges ideas on the office assistant platform information security demand, and put forth content (including pictures, texts, audio and video files) security review service of various products prior to the release of them on the office assistant platform.

Solutions concerned are offered in accordance with the Fujian office assistant platform demand, and then the information on the existing office assistant platform is transformed and integrated onto the review platform for professional teams to do an initial review and a final review before the release of product information. For information contents that are not in conformity with the review standard, the review team will provide review opinions, return the information back to each product and explain reasons for rejection and suggestions for improvement.

For various product features on the office assistant platform, the editing & review team consults relevant national policies, laws and regulations to formulate review standards in line with product features and organize review team training on a regular basis and only those who have passed the examination are formally offered the post as review personnel.

Customer Benefits:

The Fujian office assistant platform, thanks to the professional editor team service, prevents information security incidents from occurring, ensures product information contents released on the office assistant platform are in line with business management standards and relevant national policies, laws and regulations.

Customer Introduction:

Fujian Mobile Communications Company Limited was formally set up on October 9, 1999 and was successfully listed in Hong Kong and New York, the United States on October 28, 1999. Now, Fujian Mobile has built a comprehensive communications network with wide coverage, rich variety of businesses and high quality to perform mobile communications service(including voice, data, multimedia, etc.);As an IP telephone & Internet service professional mobile communications operator, it boasts more than 7.5 million of customers, has opened international roaming service to nearly 200 overseas companies in 155 countries and regions, with above 90% of mobile phone user access rate, occupying a leading position in China.