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Accessible-to-All Project

 China Mobile Communications Corporation Yunnan Co. Ltd.’s Accessible-to-All Project

By optimizing and upgrading Xiaoxuntong service of China Mobile Communications Corporation Yunnan Co. Ltd. (CMCC Yunnan), we helped CMCC Yunnan’s school customers to share educational resources among classes. Phase 1 of the project focused on teaching materials, and gradually expanded to include tutoring and after-school life. In the meanwhile, we created shared spaces for the operator, and assigned real-name cyberspaces to teachers and students. CMCC Yunnan’s Accessible-to-All platform incorporates rich educational resources and various teaching apps, and can meet all the requirements of teachers, students and parents.

Customer Requirements:

Mobile and broadband networks should be leveraged to create a multimedia teaching environment, integrate a variety of high-quality teaching resources and digital applications, and build an educational resources public service platform and an education management public service platform. After making the broadband network accessible to all the schools, we should make high-quality resources accessible to all classes, and eventually make cyberspaces for learning accessible to all so as to achieve the core objective and complete the landmark project  of China’s educational informationization process, i.e. “Three Communications and Two Platforms”, and to make four breakthroughs, i.e. breakthrough in building educational informationization infrastructures, breakthrough in developing and sharing high-quality digital educational resources, breakthrough in integrating information technologies into the teaching process, and breakthrough in creating a scientific development mechanism for educational informationization.

Customer Activities

The customer has combined the“educational resources public service platform” with “cyberspaces for learning ” and leverages a cloud system to maximize the integration and sharing of hardware and software resources, lower the costs and complexity of informationization projects for schools, promote positive interaction between resource development and usage, improve apps and provide technical support and network services  for “high-quality resources accessible to all classes” and “cyberspaces for learning accessible to all”.

To further enrich the apps on CMCC Yunnan’s Accessible-to-All platform, the customer provides not only the core apps that meet the requirements of teachers, students and parents, but also personalized and localized third-party apps through its “education apps market”.

CMCC Yunnan’s Accessible-to-All platform is supported by CMMCC Communications Information Security Management and Operation Center and Security Office of China Mobile Research Institute”, and complies with Regulations on New Internet Technologies and Services Security Assessment (Trial) of MIIT, Regulations on New Mobile Internet Technologies and Services Security Assessment (Trial) of CMCC, and Management Rules on New Internet Technologies and Services Security Assessment (Trial) of the provincial company. CMCC Yunan keeps enhancing the platform security to build a trusted brand.

Customer Benefits:

The Accessible-to-All platform has facilitated teaching and office works of CMCC Yunnan’s school customers, promoted the construction of their “Three Communications and Two Platforms”project, and enhanced collaboration between CMCC Yunnan and its customers.

Teaching & office: Powerful and convenient teaching & office features between each school and education authorities: online publishing of official documents that ensures an accurate document flow, online application for job titles that provides each school with an easy-to-use digital job title management system, and education authorities with a transparent management approach as well as various office features such as campus address book, fixed asset management and leave management, which have accelerated the informationization process.

Teaching information management: electronic school roll information and personnel information that facilitates management improved efficiency, course scheduling tools that automatically monitors course scheduling works and make them easier to do, and exam & assessment system that incorporates routine and term exams and assessments.

Customer introduction:

China Mobile Communications Corporation Yunnan Co. Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation in Yunnan. Founded in August, 1999, its has 16 city branches and 129 country branches across the province.