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Internet Marketing Service Capability

I. Definition of Capability

It provides China Mobile with a capability aggregation and open platform for Internet marketing services, which include the multi-dimensional service support such as content operation, billing operation, channel operation, user marketing, and cooperation management, so as to help it build services in Internet marketing, including channel operation service, open platform operation, billing operation service, and digital content operation service.

Channel operation service: Provide partners with an open cooperation platform, intermediary, commissioned billing, commissioned charging and other related services, and control the billing security and commodity security and other key nodes; at the same time, developers provide billing commodities covered in the application and channels take charge of the display and operation of the information of the commodities;

Open platform operation: Improve the developers’ experience through platform service, platform promotion, and operation & analysis; incubate key capabilities and accumulate operation experience of different types of capabilities and develop resource relations with developers.

Billing operation service: Developers provide applications; Billing operation provides call payment capability; in the user application process, provide developers with answers to a variety of related questions and provide users with safe, open and convenient payment services;

Digital content cooperation and operation service: Provide content providers and developers with the whole process of product and operation cooperation services, solve a series of problems such as developer expansion introduction, product billing, operation analysis, product optimization and delivery, and provide professional game service cooperation services and consulting services. Cooperation covers mobile games, mobile applications, music content, e-books, etc. 

II. Application Scenarios

Scenario 1:Business publicity and promotion: provide partners with an open cooperation platform and a variety of marketing activities;


Partners’ marketing activities

Scenario 2: Developers provide applications and reliable call payment functions of billing operation.


Billing capability access

Scenario 3: Users view the data of application and promotion through data analysis function.


Data analysis capability access


III. ProductFeatures

1. With both online and offline marketing capabilities, it is able to create the influence of the Internet distribution channels among the target developers from the perspective of product and brand;

2. It provides developers with a more flexible billing strategy and a richer billing scenario to enhance the game billing capability;

3. Payment capability is reliable and efficient, featuring chargeback, reconciliation, and audit one-stop service.

4. It is operated in a systematic manner and provides content operations, marketing, and channel distribution to develop a professional and efficient operating system.

IV. Product Functions


Internet marketing service capability

Description of functions

1. Information operation: Provide accurate data and queries

2. Service operation: Provide cooperation introduction and capability access.

3. Promotion & cooperation: Carry out marketing activities and activate partners.

V. Technical Parameters

1. Platform portal access concurrency: 10,000 times per second;

2. Payment purchase concurrency: 500 times per second;

3. Platform application commodity capacity: 50 million pieces;

4. Capability interface calls: response time is less than 100ms.


All the above can be realized through equipment capacity expansion.

VI. Product Strengths

1. With dozens of years of operation experience, it can ensure the establishment of standardized control processes and capability control standards and the use of professional marketing strategy to introduce the open platform to developers and the user base;

2. With rich channel operation services, it provides partners with flexible marketing services and more convenient access to cooperation services;

3. The open platform operates professionally, with powerful promotion, operation, and analysis capability to enhance the developer experience;

4. Billing payment function is reliable and efficient, featuring secure payment access, chargeback, reconciliation, and audit one-stop service.

VII. Applications

Internet Marketing Service Platform, consisting of open platform operation, channel operation, and billing service, has so far assisted China Mobile in serving 8924 developers, with 77449 accumulated capability applications, 200 cooperation channels, 133.2 billion times of accumulated dispatched volume, an accumulated income of 7.7 billion yuan, and the highest annual income of nearly 4 billion yuan.