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Channel Platform Construction and Operation

I. Definition of Capability

Channel platform construction and operation platform is a channel marketing platform developed for carriers and Internet companies, providing one-stop channel construction and integrated marketing solutions for Internet commodities. It is designed to bring together suppliers and channel resources and combine with Aspire’s mature operation and management experience to provide carriers and Internet companies with safe, reliable and high-quality “traffic monetizing” services. Platform services include: platform construction, platform operation, and platform capabilities. The contents are as follows:

Platform construction: partner subscription introduction and rapid audit cooperation. Partners include suppliers, developers, and channel distributors. Cooperative services cover cloud traffic, digital content, call bills and e-coupons, enterprise welfare, etc.

Platform operation:channel and product management, product intelligence distribution, and big data analysis, including sub-channel increase and management, smart algorithm recommended quality products, real-time checking of transaction data and other capabilities.

Platform capability: payment and billing capability: provide partners with bill payment, WeChat payment, Alipay payment, UnionPay and other integrated billing capabilities, and help partners to access a variety of efficient billing capabilities. Settlement also includes low fees and safe and efficient settlement solutions.

II. Application Scenarios

Scenario 1: Suppliers, developers, and channel distributors apply for subscription cooperation through Aplus Portal.


A+ cooperation subscription platform

Scenario 2: Partners engage in product distribution, data auditing, and settlement application through Aplus channel platform portal.


A+ service management center

III. ProductFeatures

1. Provide services that support quick cooperation access tochannel distributors, developers and suppliers.

i. The platform introduces quality products to suppliers and developers for joint promotion;

ii. The platform provides channel distributors with rich resources and obtains its sales share.

2. Powerful security management and control capability. Provide safe, reliable guarantee to partners’ product management and settlement;

3. Accurate and comprehensive big data analysis. Conduct accurate analysis of product choice and transaction data;

4. The way of sharing is flexible and the settlement account is accurate. Detailed account list and settlement list are available for providing the auditing service.

IV. Product Functions


A+ product functions introduction


Services for cooperation:

1. Digital contents: game, application;

2. E-products: call bills, traffic, e-coupon/points, employee benefits distribution, etc.;

3. Capability means: A+ payment, big data analysis.


V. Technical Parameters

1. Platform portal access concurrent capacity: 10,000 times per second;

2. Payment purchase concurrent capacity: 500 times per second;

3. Platform application commodity capacity: 50 million pieces;

4. Channel access capability: access to 50,000 channels.

All the above can be realized through equipment capacity expansion.

VI. Product Strengths

1. Rich resources, quality channels, and innovative marketing strategies;

2. Safe, reliable billing and payment capabilities and convenient settlement solutions;

3. Professional development capability and multi-dimensional perfect data analysis service;

4. Experienced operation service and efficient, mature solutions.

VII. Applications

Employeebenefits distribution:

Aspire provides a solution of employee benefits station. Based on the employee benefits station management platform, the customer organizes multi-regional welfare work online by means of information, gives the power of selection to employees, and distributes welfare vouchers to employees who can choose freely from among designated benefits and products, thus meeting the different welfare needs of employees. For example, from benefits distribution data of the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the National Day, we can see that one-third of the colleagues will choose the appropriate package to send to families or friends living in another city. Follow-up A + welfare will be beefed up by group purchase preference, health check-up products for family members, supplementary medical insurance policy query, and flea market functions.


Digital contents:

As many as 207 channels have been developed, including Ali, Kugou, 360 and other large Internet companies. Since its establishment 15 years ago, business has been growing and a considerable transaction volume has been reached. Meanwhile, Long Tail Effect will be formed in the future to increase the income.