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Mobile E-Commerce, Digital Contents Commodity
and Mobile Capability Open Service

I. Definition of Capability

Mobile e-commerce, digital contents commodity and mobile capability open service mainly provide: online handling of mobile services, digital contents integrated business services, and mobile capability open service. The contents are as follows:

Online handling of mobile services: Including sales of terminal commodities, card sales, logistics distribution, online handling of mobile businesses, recharging, traffic, WeChat public number, etc, and supporting bill payment, UnionPay payment, WeChat payment, Alipay payment and other payment methods, it is an integrated software service of online handling of mobile businesses;

Digital contents integrated business services: including digital content access, online and offline marketing management, commodity shelves, portal management billing management and other services, and supporting in-app billing, web-based billing, platform billing and other digital contents billing methods, it provides the multi-dimensional billing risk control and management model to help China Mobile to develop the third curve.

Open mobile capability: Decouple core capabilities for major mobile networks to meet the needs of the Internet industry for mobile core capabilities. Realize the opening of the core capabilities such as billing, security, mobile data, voice, SMS, and in terms of software, realize unified package, access, security reinforcement, monitoring and other core functions.

II. Application Scenarios

Scenario 1:Mobile users and Internet users gain access to, search and purchase commodities through e-commerce portal.



Mobile market, mobile mall

Scenario 2: Partners cooperate with carriers and conduct product launch and settlement sharing through capability open service.



Capability open platform of Internet companies


Scenario 3: Service operators operate and manage the service through the management and control workbench.


Capability open security platform of Internet companies

III. ProductFeatures

1. Including To B and To C services: To B provides marketing products, capability service, and channel distribution. To C provides commodity sales portal, search services, and payment;

2. Support carrier-class traffic: Support the business of the mobile Internet carrier-class user access, use, and purchase.

3. Flexible channel marketing services: Carriers and channels of cooperation can flexibly configure the distribution channels and launch marketing activities;

4. Powerful security management and control capability: Provide security guarantee to user access and payment. There are pre-event, mid-event and post-event security management and full life cycle management;

5. Meticulous big data analysis: Provides the data analysis capability to the whole business process flow;

6. Accurate settlement of bills: With detailed bill flows and settlement details, it can provide audit services.

IV. Product Functions


Product function architecture:

Salable products:

Digital products: game, video, reading, music, animation;

Electronic products: traffic, call bills, point, package;

Real commodity: point card, derivative products.


V. Technical Parameters (taking typical e-commerce for example)

1. Portal access concurrent capacity: 10,000 times per second;

2. Payment purchase concurrent capacity: 500 times per second;

3. Registered user capacity: 5 billion users;

4. Selling commodity capability: 50 million pieces.


All the above can be realized through equipment capacity expansion.

VI. Product Strengths

1. Provide China Mobile and other partners with the models for carrying out flexible business cooperation model and jointly developing new markets;

2. Quickly introduce new types of products to increase the channel for users to buy mobile products online and enhance the viscosity of users;

3. Help carriers to quickly establish product distribution capability and provide a wealth of Internet marketing channel services;

4. Provide a wealth of Internet marketing channels for digital-content commodities, real commodities, mobile cards, traffic packs, etc.

VII. Applications

It has found applications in services such as MM, Migu, and Mobile Mall.


So far, it has completed the end-to-end link with provincial companies, CMCC-Online, Migu Culture, and as several hundred large-scale Internet companies and e-commerce partners including WeChat, Tianmao, Baidu, etc.


By March 2016, it had, within a year, accumulatively sold traffic worth 800 million yuan for China Mobile and supported traffic unified payment business of 1.5 billion, with more than 20 million traffic cards and traffic unified payment monthly processing recharge orders, and accumulated 40 million i-Traffic registered users, 21 million client-end downloads, 50 million traffic distribution and other transaction services, with 6 million daily active i-Traffic users.


The annual cumulative transaction of Mobile Market has reached 710 million times, with a transaction volume of more than 3.7 billion yuan. The annual turnover of Mobile Market of the Group has exceeded 10 billion yuan. The capability open guarantee platform of the Internet companies has 8,962 developers with the capability of cumulative use, with 77,982 applications and 136.3 billion times of capability calling.