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“And Education” Platform and Service Capability

I. Definition of Capability

“And Education” platform and service capability mainly provide: educational service platform for continuous integration, educational product design and operation and introduction of resources, and education channel operations. The contents are as follows:

Educational service platformfor continuous integration: Based on WEB and APP platforms, quickly create home-school communication, open platform, application market functions, and support customized development, be able to provide users with the product system that comply with the national standard of “three connects and two platforms” and provide special applications such as Parents Classroom, Live Platform, Renowned Teachers Making Test Papers and Composition Show.

Educational product design and operation of introduction of resources:Provide the planning and design for WEB and APP products, daily operations and marketing services, including market analysis, demand analysis, product planning and design, interactive experience design, product business model design and product activity operation, user operation, data operation, content operation, value-added business operation, etc. Integrate domestic and foreign high-quality educational resources and applications, assess the resources and introduce cooperation and create value-added benefits through operation and promotion.

Educational channel operation: Aspire Education, based on the support of the platform, aims to develop towards the direction of channel integration, open up the industry chain of China Mobile in the education market, and realize dislocation development with mobile companies and industry integration, thus greatly expanding the market space.

II. Application Scenarios

Scenario 1:“And Education” platform provides teachers and parents with online learning and enables searching and checking of teaching resources.


“And Education” WEB online learning


“And Education” APP online learning

Scenario 2:“And Education” platform provides teachers and parents with parent-school interaction and communication services.


“And Education” WEB parent-school interaction


“And Education” APP parent-school interaction

Scenario 3:“And Education” platform provides schools and competent education departments at various levels with education publicity, teaching office work, and confidence management services.


Education and teaching management on “And Education” platform

III. Product Features

1. Comprehensive coverage of demands: The service concept of “And Education” platform implements the national standard of “three connects and two platforms” to realize comprehensive and perfect control over the demand for informatization in education;

2. Accurate user positioning: “And Education" platform has a clear functional plan in user positioning of school, parents, and education administrators so that users can use the product clearly and have friendly interactive experience with other roles;

3. Strict security management and control: It has powerful and strict technical security management and control over users’ personal information and access process;

4. Real-time transmission of information: Convey the information of parents and teachers through SMS, WEB, and devices and other channels in the parent-school communication process to avoid missing any information;

5. Rich access of resources: “And Education” platform provides a wealth of educational resources and different versions of teaching auxiliary materials for different regions and levels to show the diversity of the contents of resources;

6. Leading business brand: “And Education” platform is currently not only a service, but also a service brand of the education industry;

7. Powerful data support: “And Education” platform, based on cloud data storage, conduct in-depth mining of data and lead the direction of products through data.

IV. Product Functions


Product function architecture

V. Technical Parameters (Taking “And Education” for example):

1. Portal access concurrent capacity: 10,000 times per second;

2. Client-end access concurrent capacity: 20,000 times per second;

3. Registered user capacity: 300 million users;

4. Daily average SMS capability: 1 million pieces.

All the above can be realized through equipment capacity expansion.

VI. Product Strengths

1. Provide personalized product support for China Mobile and provincial education departments to promote the Internet-based business transformation of school communication service;

2. Create the “And Education” brand with China Mobile, thus earning wide recognition from users;

3. Professional: Focus on the construction of education informatization and be strictly policy-oriented and demand-focused;

4. Fine: Divide according to the functions of early childhood education, general education, and vocational education for K12 different age groups and the nature of teaching;

5. Secure: Online registration is not allowed, and all contacts are imported by the back-end personnel;

6. Open: Its modular functions meet various needs for customization and the open technical system facilitates the integration of third-party applications.

VII. Applications

So far, it has served companies in Beijing, Yunnan, Chongqing, Liaoning, Jilin, Tianjin and other provinces and municipalities. Meanwhile, it has set up and operated “And Education” websites and client-end platforms for them, serving more than 10 million users. Wherein, the mobile devices installed capacity has reached nearly 2 million in Yunnan, and nearly 1 million in Liaoning.