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Quality Management and Operation Service

I. Description of Capability

Quality management platform supports the product design and operational strategy with mobile clients experience as the center and builds the end-to-end customer experience management system with China Mobile features. Through level-2 Internet coverage, its products, on one hand, support the closed-loop quality management work of the headquarters, provincial companies and base companies and on the other hand, realize the mining and analysis of quality data from the relevant production, professional system collection and aggregation of quality data.


Chart 1: Interface presentation

II. Application Scenarios

Scenario 1: Product demand level-2 closed-loop management

Establish the demand feedback channels to speed up the demand response efficiency, and provide full closed-loop electronic support to the product demand of individuals and groups in proposal, audit, acceptance, evaluation, decision-making, scheduling, verification and statistical analysis, as well as the statistical reports of demand proposal, demand acceptance and demand completion.

Scenario 2:Dial testing data statistical analysis

Gather the dial testing date from nationwide and conduct statistical analysis of the completion of the dial testing work from the dimensions of each province’s dial testing volume, device model coverage, and network coverage; conduct statistical analysis of the dial testing results from the dimensions of the benchmarking and compliance of competitive products so that each company can understand the business progress and completion and the weak points of business performance indicators in each province and the nation, thus establishing its position in a coordinated manner at the base and  optimizing and upgrading business in a targeted manner.

III. ProductFeatures

1. Build according to China Mobile’s requirements for quality management work and comply with NGBOSS2-BOSS (V4.5) specifications;

2. Based on UCD’s interactive experience and interface design, and SIMS’s mature of two-tier architecture system, highly-reusable functional framework, stable underlying components, and flexible data interface scalability.

IV. Product Functions

Headquarters quality management platform:Mainly provide the managerial staff of the group with demand process monitoring, work order creation and tracking, reporting for approval, release of examination results, and collection and release of various quality data, etc.;

Provincial quality management platform: Mainly provide the individuals of the provincial companies and the managerial staff of the products of the group with the daily quality management services such as demand proposal, reporting, case sharing, handling of various work orders, as well as collection and statistical analysis of various quality data, etc.;

The base’s andprofessional company’s quality management platform:Mainly provide the product managers of the product support companies with demand and work order processing, product information management, and statistical analysis of various quality data.


Chart 2: Functional architecture

V. Technical Parameters

1. Scalable and highly usable, the system supports the horizontal expansion and failover of key business modules;

2. Based on RABC’s rights management model, it can conduct the fine-grained management over user rights to protect the security of access to accounts and resources. It also provides dynamic protection based on the filter to protect the system from being attacked by sql injection and css;

3. It uses the rich client technology and completely decouples the front end the back end, improving the development efficiency and user experience;

4. With JBPM-based workflow engine design capability, the process design is simple and customizable.

V. Product Strengths

1. Cover the level-2 star-shaped networking structure and unified planning of product editions of the headquarters, provinces, bases and professional companies, suitable for the business management and control at different levels and of different levels of fineness under China Mobile and the companies under it. Meanwhile, it is convenient for the editions to be launched online quickly and saves the costs for function transformation and upgrading;

2. The service support system covering all over the country provides centralized response, on-site service, remote support and other business support services on a 7*24 basis.

VII. Applications

Through construction of four phases, quality management platform has so far realized the closed-loop process support to the various daily quality management work, and quality data collection and summary and statistical analysis of key products of individuals, families and groups, with users covering headquarters, 31 provinces, each base, and professional companies. By the end of June this year, each province had submitted more than 30,000 pieces of individual product demand through the platform handled nearly 500 work orders of various types, reported more than 3,500 work achievements of various quality work and collected 8000 dial testing data from the dial testing system.


Chart 3: Statistics of the accounts in each province and base (by the end of June 2016)


Chart 4: Statistics of the logins in each province and base (in the first half of 2016)