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Cloud Resource Pool Operation and Maintenance
Service Capability

 I. Description of Capability

Through its independently-developed O&M tools and professional service team, Aspire provides customers with IT resource pool host, network, storage, virtualization and other professional O&M services, such as 7*24 system monitoring and customer service response, security reinforcement and protection of IT infrastructure, resource pool business continuity and disaster recovery, resource pool migration and optimization, etc.

The capabilities of O&M tools cover automated O&M, unified monitoring, automated CMDB, O&M analysis, etc., featuring quick access to various physical equipment and virtual equipment and efficient realization of O&M support under the cloud environment.

II. Application Scenarios

With O&M services applicable to China Mobile IDC, resource pool, public cloud, private cloud, and mixed cloud, Aspire is improving the quality and efficiency of the O&M of the resource pool by means of service plus tool.

l Service:System O&M such as IDC resource pool host, network, and storage, 7*24 hour system monitoring and customer service, security reinforcement, disaster recovery, etc.;

l Tool:Unified monitoring, automated CMDB, automated O&M, intelligent O&M analysis, etc.

III. Product Features

Aspire has a service team with more than 300 people covering 29 provinces across China that can provide China Mobile with cloud platform construction and all-inclusive O&M services. Shenzhen has a 7*24 monitoring and business dial testing team which constitutes a level-3 O&M system along with the offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou.

Based on ITIL system, Aspire has built a professional O&M team covering the whole country and obtained ISO20000 system certification and ISO27001 system certification.


Through the implementation of ITIL process system and of the integrated management of events, problems, configuration, change, and release, Aspire realizes the efficient collaboration between the virtualization O&M team and the infrastructure O&M team. Aspire has built an open O&M knowledge base system in order to achieve knowledge sharing among multiple teams. Through the establishment of the resource pool O&M service system, Aspire has enhanced the management and O&M capabilities of the cloud resource pool and ultimately formed the external output of the standardized O&M service capability.

IV. Product Functions

O&M Services

With the growing number of the national business platforms of China Mobile, the security and stability of IT systems are becoming increasingly important. Meanwhile, a nationwide unified O&M team is needed to provide quick response support. The construction of large-scale cloud resource pools and the migration of many core systems to the cloud platform require independent, controllable professional O&M teams to ensure system stability and data security.


Aspire resource pool O&M services provide customers with O&M, integration, maintenance, automatic O&M services for the traditional IT systems and cloud computing virtualization system, including the automated O&M tool implementation services of host, network, database, cloud platform O&M, maintenance, large IT systems, and cloud resource pool, as well as the system integration, system optimization, and security reinforcement of the resource pool.

O&M tools

Aspire resource pool O&M tool kit provides customers with the three-in-one O&M solution combining monitoring, management and control to meet the unified O&M scenario pursuit of China Mobile’s O&M system. It includes: ASP-Alarm, ASP-CMDB, ASP-ITSM, ASP-BI and ASP-Tools. Through the unified O&M platform, it provides the business side with standardized monitoring service, ITIL process services, CMDB management services, O&M indicator and data visualization services and centralized visualization console services.



ASP-Alarm: Aspire ASP-Alarm kit provides customers with professional and standardized monitoring solutions covering basic network, hardware, middleware, operating system, and all levels of application to establish 360° monitoring angle. ASP-Alarm includes a basic environment monitoring sub-kit, a business indicator monitoring sub-kit, a capacity information monitoring sub-kit and an application performance monitoring sub-kit (APM). The basic environment monitoring sub-kit is a product standardized for the IT infrastructure environment that supports the Agent-Proxy-Server three-level deployment to meet the unified monitoring, cross-network-segment requirements of multiple computer rooms. The business indicator monitoring sub-kit and the application performance monitoring sub-kit focus on application and enable plug-in (out-of-band) services and application performance monitoring model, reducing the application transformation cost and realizing the monitoring at the application level and helping customers quickly locate the problems at the application level.

Configuration management kit (ASP-CMDB): Aspire ASP-CMDB kit creates for customers a configuration information collection and management component for the PDCA closed-loop model, which enables centralized management of asset information, hardware configuration information, software configuration information, and network configuration information. The ASP-CMDB kit helps the customer to quickly complete the collection of the configuration information with automated collection as the core improvement in the artificial information and to enhance the efficiency of the configuration information management. At the same time, it establishes the configuration information base library and the periodic data verification mechanism to ensure the validity of the configuration information.

ASP-ITSM: Aspire ASP-ITSM kit is a universal BPM process kit that supports visual drag-and-drop workflow design and the Word editor-based form designed to quickly assist customers in completing the establishment of ITIL processes, the average development and configuration cycle of one single process less than 2 hours, and realizing the quick design, quick implementation, quick verification, and quick adjustment of ITIL, and giving a strong support to the continuous improvement in the O&M process.

Data analysis kit (ASP-BI): Aspire ASP-BI kit is a product designed for analyzing O&M indicators and data. It is a data visualization product focusing on O&M’s KPI indicators, capacity data indicators and internal business (application) indicators. ASP-BI products support data source customization, report customization and Dashbord customization to realize the visualization of O&M data.

ASP-Tools: Aspire ASP-Tools kit is an automated O&M batch processing toolkit for efficiently improving the efficiency of O&M under the x86-based and cloud-based environments. ASP-Tools establishes a series of toolkits for in high-frequency and high-risk O&M operations in specific scenarios, including centralized management of user accounts, agent software supermarkets, batch operation commands, Web shell, automated security baseline inspection, automated software and hardware inspection, etc. At the same time, it provides general script-based and task-based automated batch task scheduling O&M framework. Through the ASP-Tools tools, it is possible to gradually realize separation of man from machine, establish a unified O&M console, liberate O&M personnel from repeated manual work, and effectively improve the average equipment maintenance volume of O&M personnel.

V. Technical Parameters

In terms of O&M services, Aspire have obtained the certification of ISO20000, ISO27001 and ITSS, with the practical experience and cases of construction, O&M and monitoring tool of the thousand-unit-level resource pools.

Aspire focuses on service plus tool. According to the system scale, Aspire provides several engineers in host, network, storage, and virtualization O&M. Meanwhile, it can provide automatic O&M tools to improve the O&M efficiency. After installation, O&M tools can be directly used and maintained by O&M service personnel.

The key performance indicators are shown as follows:

Performance property

Name of kit


Monitoring performance

ASP-Alarm monitoring equipment performance

Monitoring equipment<=6000 units

Monitoring cycle<3min

Monitoring indicator<1 million

ASP-Alarm application log analysis performance

Number of logs>=5 billion lines

Indicator collection cycle<1min

Resource cost

ASP-Alarm Basic MonitoringAgent


Hard disk< 500m

Memory< 100m

ASP-Alarm Application Log Collection Agent


Hard disk<500m



Compatible withASP-Alarm monitoring operating system

SUSE, Aix, Redhat, Centos, HP-unix, ubuntu, Fedora, Debian,Red Flag, windows server and other common operating systems

Compatible with ASP-Alarm monitoring network equipment

Firewalls, switches, routers, VPN, load balancers, and other common network devices

Compatible with ASP-Alarm monitoring middleware

Relational database (Mysql, Oracle, SQL SERVER, etc.)

NOSQL (MongoDB, redis, Elasticsearch, memcached, etc.)

Big data middleware (hadoop, kafka, storm, spark, zookeeper, hadoop, etc.)

Application container (tomcat, apache, jboss, weblogic, etc.)

Compatible with ASP-Toolsoperating system

SUSE, Aix, Redhat, Centos, HP-unix, ubuntu, Fedora, Debian,Red Flag, windows server and other common operating systems

Compatible with ASP-CMDB operating system

SUSE, Aix, Redhat, Centos, HP-unix, ubuntu, Fedora, Debian,Red Flag, windows server and other common operating systems

 VI. Product Strengths

Aspire is one of the earliest subsidiaries of China Mobile that has obtained the level-1 qualification of system integration. It has accumulated rich experience in the field of O&M. Aspire’s resource pool O&M products have the following advantages:

l Liberate O&M and enhance O&M automation capabilities;

l Have rigorous management ideas and do a good job in process management, supervision and optimization of results;

l It has O&M platform tools more powerful than network administration;

l With the concept of establishing the O&M platform based on the framework of “coping with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle, it gives quick responses to changes in demand;

l Both horizontally and vertically scalable architecture helps quickly improve performance and optimize management scenarios;

l Analysis thinking of large data helps improve the O&M process continuously.

VII. Applications

With O&M-related services, Aspire’s resource pool has found applications in the projects of China Mobile and its provincial companies, including:

l Integrated service: system integration of national MISC, SIMC, and MM, integration of cloud platform of Guangdong Mobile, and system construction of medical cloud platform, education cloud platform, and desktop cloud

l O&M service: O&M of level-1 private cloud of the international information port of the Network Department of the Group, the business brand level-1 Boss O&M of the Group, VMWare O&M of Shenzhen Mobile, SCM and B2B of terminal companies, and O&M of MM system of Internet companies;

l O&M tool: Aspire’s network product O&M, southern base unified O&M platform, and development of the software monitoring platform of Migu level-1 O&M Center.