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Traffic Operation and Marketing Support Service

 I. Description of Capability

Traffic Operation and Marketing Support Service is the operational support service capability built to serve the traffic management of the group headquarters and each province. Based on the marketing card business in 2009, the company innovatively introduced the traffic products in 2013 and successively completed the construction of the traffic card, DOMS (Traffic unified payment business operation and management), i-Traffic (traffic transaction service), thus forming standardized products and services and accumulating traffic recharge, traffic transaction distribution, traffic business operations, traffic sales and management and other core R&D capabilities and market-based operation capabilities. Meanwhile, the comprehensive solution based on traffic operation (operation and marketing service) has been provided on this basis.

II. Application Scenarios

Traffic Operation and Marketing Support Services include operation traffic card, unified payment traffic, transaction products, directional traffic and other traffic products, covering the service support such as traffic strategy development, traffic platform construction, traffic product design, traffic sales organization, unified payment market supervision and management.

Scenario 1: Forward common traffic sales

With one-point access, one-point management, one-point recharge, and one-point settlement in the whole network, Aspire sells traffic products to individual users through its mobile channels, self-operating channels, and social partners.

Scenario 2: Backward traffic service

Provide enterprise customers with the cooperation, review and approval, access and acceptance of traffic recharge order of common traffic/directional traffic; provide the traffic pool product sales so that enterprises can use i-Traffic to carry out marketing activities and achieve the goal of renewal and activation; the backward paid traffic of the customers of the group is sent to individual users.

Scenario 3: User traffic integrated services

Provide users with traffic donation, traffic transfer storage, traffic sharing, and traffic cashing services and realize traffic monetization and traffic socialization properties through i-Traffic.


It has formed the standardized products and standardized operation and service capabilities which provide provincial and professional companies with a powerful grip of traffic operation, quickly and effectively enhancing the traffic operation capability, helping provincial companies meet customer demand for point access and whole-network coverage, and increasing both user scale and income scale.

III. Core Capabilities

Global traffic marketing management platform is a platform built by the Marketing Department of the Headquarters in 2009 to serve traffic operation. It has successively built sub-platforms such as traffic card, i-Traffic, and DOMS and developed matured products and capabilities in the fields of traffic recharge, traffic transaction, traffic marketing and traffic unified payment business management, and further provide the platform support and operation service to realize the global traffic operation centralized management, marketing strategy release, marketing resource coordination.


Core capabilities of the traffic marketing management platform

The traffic marketing management platform system consists of the front-end operation management interface and the back-end recharge processing platform. The global traffic marketing management platform is an operation and management platform designed for partner users, traffic supplier users, operators, O&M personnel, and service personnel. It is also a recharge processing platform designed or O&M personnel built for O&M personnel.

Partner Management: The module is divided into five secondary function modules: partner information, partner product configuration, partner funds inquiry, partner recharge inquiry, and partner activity configuration;

Supplier management: The module is divided into three secondary function modules: supplier information, recharge inquiry, and funds inquiry;

Product Management: This module is mainly used to configure the product attribute information and manage the product status;

Access Management: The module contains four secondary function modules: the configuration of the card encryption data, the uploading of the direct-charging file, the replicating configuration, and the inquiry of the card encryption data;

Policy management: The module contains four secondary function modules: routing configuration, supply volume configuration, traffic control configuration, and card priority configuration;

Settlement management: The module contains six secondary function modules: rebate management, partner settlement rules configuration, monthly billing statements, card encryption lock and distribution of funds, monthly reconciliation and settlement confirmation, and accounting management;

Order management: The module contains four secondary function modules: partners, operators order inquiries, order settlement statistics, and daily reconciliation;

Early warning management: The module contains two secondary function modules: capital early warning, and early warning funds allocation;


Core capabilities of traffic card

Realize the capability output of each provincial company, business base, mobile self-operated business, and social electronic channels and on this basis, provide the overall service support to carrying out the traffic-based marketing activities for traffic sales;

Traffic recharge capabilities: On the basis of the recharge capability of the original marketing card platform, realize the online direct recharge, card encryption issuance, real card recharge and other recharge capabilities, and form the corresponding recharge strategy according to the market demand;

Flexible configuration capabilities: Use “protocol stack” approach to configure the traffic card products, realizing the flexible packaging from multiple dimensions such as traffic value, time, and billing, be able to quickly meet the marketing demands of all parties for diversification and personalization;

Combined marketing capabilities: Relying on the flexible approach to gradually leverage various enterprises covering the whole life of users, focus on various marketing scenarios and in combination with the demands of terminals and data business for traffic, support diversified marketing;

Accurate analysis capabilities: Relying on user portraits, marketing scenario positioning, and combined with user traffic packages, traffic usage, user characteristics and other data, extract the fine traffic marketing capabilities;

Fund settlement capabilities: The platform follows the principle of valued card, and works with partners in the form of direct operation and direct sales and uses the prepaid mode, with no financial risk on the mobile side;

Security production capabilities: Fully refer to the financial IC card security system, security key management system and data production system which are completely separated from each other to realize the level-2 key management model and ensure the risk prevention and control of the platform at the production stage.

Platform routing capability support

1. Support the traffic hosting model;

2. Support provincial division routing function;

3. Provide the procurement + platform model;

4. Support activity management and report automation

Personalized SMS function

The traffic marketing management platform supports personalized activities SMS configuration so that users can differentiate the participation results of multiple activities and helps the activity sponsor to conduct secondary publicity at the time of the distribution of traffic. 

Core capabilities of i-Traffic (global traffic transaction platform)

Consolidate the core capabilities of the platform to support the third-party in realizing the increase and distribution of traffic by means of interface and platform plug-ins to enable customers to obtain free traffic more extensively through i-Traffic platform and increase customer stickiness.


Boss account direct-recharging capability

• The traffic of the global traffic transaction platform can be recharged into the personal communication account of customers;

• Realize traffic product and traffic size through the global traffic card platform protocol stack called by the direct-recharging capability of the platform;

• Flexible packing through multiple dimensions such as valid cycle and billing type can quickly meet diversified and personalized marketing demands of all parties.

Integrated payment capability

• Support multiple points exchange: General points exchange, external points exchange;

• Support communication account payment: Short-term commissioned billing, page billing, SDK billing;

• Support the third-party online payment: NFC, Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay online payment;

• Support bank transfer: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, and China Construction Bank;

• Support resource replacement: Traffic remuneration replacement

Sales service capability

Marketing support and components, AOI message pushing, operational data analysis reports, settlement capability, and channel distribution;

Product packaging capability: traffic + digital service

The platform has the traffic and digital services packed sales capability. According to the diversified needs of customers, it enables bundling sales of various business contents and traffic products of different prices to support mutual integration and mutual promotion of multiple services, thus realizing the effect of “1 + 1> 2”.

Monetization trend

While developing the backward paying customers based on the distribution on the global traffic transaction platform and other basic capabilities, open up the BOSS and traffic transaction platform, introduce the donated traffic and internal traffic into the transaction platform to further promote the monetization capability of traffic so as to realize the exchange of traffic between voice, SMS and MMS and various virtual products and between the virtual goods, establish the traffic ecological system and enrich the circulation scenario of traffic, thus enhancing the circulation of large networks.

Build the global traffic transaction platform and use the traffic currency attribute to create the new innovative traffic marketing model and the innovative global traffic marketing incubator.

Socialization trend

Meet the users’ entertainment and social needs, increase the ways of playing and combine traffic with content to interact among friends based n traffic such as distribution, transfer, red packets, rewarding, praise, fund-raising and other marketing components.


Value output

• Partner: User promotion, refreshing and traffic diversion

- Business income increase

- Health evaluation (data sedimentation and industry evaluation)

- Marketing

• i-Traffic: Enhance user activity and platform health, and improve customer satisfaction;

• User: Utilize the traffic in the account, thus creating more value;

• Provincial company: Exchange commodities with the 4G internal traffic to raise the saturation degree of 4G package.

Core capabilities of traffic unified payment

Core positioning of DOMS platform: Undertake the building of the global unified traffic unified payment management service platform (DOMS), build a professional operation service team for the platform with ESOP, EMOS, provincial BOSS system and business to realize both online and offline approaches. Meanwhile, carry out daily services to support the pre-sales, amid-sales and post-sales of unified business to establish the unified service interface for customers of provincial companies, the headquarters and the Group.


Core management capabilities of DOMS platform:

Undertake the building of the global unified traffic unified payment business management service platform (DOMS), through seven service capabilities such as business cooperation approval support, cooperative information management, SID local data configuration, member business opening, business publicity and promotion, risk management and control and customer service management, provide the operation and management services to China Mobile’s traffic unified payment business, thus comprehensively enhancing the service effect and operation and management capabilities of traffic unified payment and cooperation.


1. Cooperation approval support: Manage the cooperation pre-acceptance, acceptance, business change, and cancellation of the whole process to realize the summary and approval of cooperation application;

2. Cooperation information management: contract review and analysis of competitive products;

3. SID local data configuration: coordinate the SID resource application, approval, allocation, recycling, and production of unified local data to improve the efficiency of utilization of resources;

4. Risk control: provide the closed-loop control services combining system monitoring and manual dial testing to guard against risks and to ensure the healthy development of business;

5. Member business opening: realize opening, modification, deletion and view of self-service businesses through access to the unified platform interface and real-time files;

6. Business publicity and promotion: carry out business publicity and promotion through four special areas, namely, China Mobile 10086 portal, palm hall, hand hall, and official micro-blog;

7. Customer service management: the whole-process closed-loop service management covering online complaints, billing downloads, test account display, and trade show information.

IV. Product Strengths

Diversified traffic products and forms:

1. Traffic products based on 4G traffic package: traffic card, traffic unified payment, i-Traffic, directional traffic products;

2. Form:

a) Traffic coupon: Exchange traffic coupons for traffic so that partners can control exchange power to the maximum degree;

b) Traffic direct recharging: the most common way to recharge, featuring instant transfer of activity traffic into the account;

c) Traffic red packet: popular way of sending traffic for free, featuring attractive topics and convenient social communication;

3. Card encryption: Can be transferred among users and flexibly choose the recharging time within a certain period of time.

Multi-functional platform support capabilities

1. Traffic Distribution API: Provide Internet channel partners and agents with unified interface and point access global settlement for China Mobile’s global traffic sales, covering the global common traffic, and traffic and unified payment traffic of provincial companies;

2. Traffic Marketing SDK: Provide Internet enterprises and individual developers with traffic marketing SDK (app sdk & web sdk) to enable applications to develop the capabilities of traffic distribution, donation and red packet marketing. Meanwhile, it provides support to special traffic-sending scenarios including sign-in, active and sharing;

3. Traffic Marketing H5: Provide Internet companies and individual developers with traffic marketing H5 page promotion service and H5 games, which will help users to conduct cross-platform social communication.

Social media marketing and channel distribution capabilities

Provide release and communication services for traffic products, businesses, and marketing activities on social media and use with the economic effects of fans to enhance the effect of traffic marketing; develop the channel distribution capabilities of “traffic +” with traffic as the medium, and distribute through “traffic + content” and “traffic + application”.

Highly secure platform

1. Application security:

a) Support access control through role management, rights management, and menu management;

b) Support user password encryption;

c) Support the firewall set to connect the external system;

2. Data security:

a) Adopt the encrypted mechanism to transmit and store sensitive information;

b) Forbid insecure HTTP approach: limit other http submitting approach and only retain post and get;

c) Limited access to private data of customers;

d) Adopt the common techniques such as preventing SQL injection, anti-alteration, and cross-site scripting attacks;

3. Network security:

a) Plan the reasonable network topological structure, reasonably divide the network segment and implement access control by using the security mechanism of firewalls and switches and other network equipment;

b) Take certain network isolation measures to realize access control and ensure the security of network and host systems;

c) Use VPN to log in when gaining access to the servers;

Platform data chain support

1. Fund inquiry: Accumulative fund: accumulative value of the recharging amount on the platform;

a)  Fund balance: balance on the platform that can be used;

b) Settled fund: formally settled value.

2. Recharging inquiry: Recharging inquiry enables you to obtain the recharging data of partners on the platform and supports multiple ways of screening;

a) Conditions

b) The page enables operations such as inquiry, recharging, export, and browsing;

3. Accounting management: Inquiry of settlement;

a) Settlement order and contract relations can be viewed;

4. Real-time data: Recharging data can be viewed on the platform on a real-time manner;

a) Usage of funds can be viewed in a real-time manner;

5. Order inquiry: Provide order inquiry function and order inquiry results export function;

a) For orders with supplementary records, an order will correspond to a number of recharging records, but there is only one record about successful recharging at the most.

b) All recharging records can be traced on the order.

6. Fund early warning: The level-2 fund early warning threshold can be set.

a) When the fund reaches the threshold, it reminds partners via SMS and email of making fund layout in time to avoid traffic distribution failure due to lack of funds on the account.

Professionalism & development

1. Have diversified experience in IT, ICT and Internet;

2. Handle faults promptly within 6-48 hours;

3. Familiar with the overall architecture planning and design of the data platform;

4. Good at solving the technical and frequently-occurring problems encountered in project development and operation;

Accurate and simple settlement

1. Provide pre-settlement: Handling the daily settlement amount in a real-time manner by partner, activity, and product on a daily basis;

2. Enable unified and quick inquiry of fund, order, and recharging in the account;

Professional operation team

1. Be familiar with customer service demands and industry trends and have years of experience in designing platform products;

2. Sensitive to market changes, it is good at digging and analyzing the demands and opportunities of traffic marketing, and capturing product opportunities by combining the technological development with application;

3. Good at evaluating the product and the corresponding traffic data and traffic channel effect and provide rigorous and scientific analytical results and proposals;

Professional customer service team

1. Rich experience in traffic customer service;

2. Be able to undertake the duties of level-1 customer service and level-2 customer service;

3. 12*7 customer service support.

V. Application

Traffic recharging market:

1. Card production volume: 120 million;

2. Sales volume in 2015: 500 million yuan;

3. Sales volume in 2016: 1.5 billion yuan;

Traffic unified payment market:

1. Customer: 1,500

2. Sales volume in 2015: 1.2 billion yuan

3. Sales volume in 2016: 2 billion yuan

Traffic transaction market:

1. User number: totaling 50 million registered users;

2. Daily active user: 6 – 10 million;

3. Monthly distribution: 50 million;

4. Marketing activity: Totaling 80 times

5. Sales volume in 2016: 5 00 million yuan;

6. Cover 31 provinces across the country.