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Legal Statement

1.Intellectual Property Right

• Domain names, logo and marks and proprietary terms

Domain names, trademarks and proprietary terms used by this Website are protected by related laws, and shall not be used by any organization or individual without prior consent in writing of the Website owner or related holder of rights.

• Copyright

All contents contained in this Website, including but not limited to text, graphics, pictures, video and audio materials, LOGO, layout design, name and directory of columns, contents classification, are owned by Aspire Company or other legal holders of property rights.

Contents and software of this Website are protected by the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China and other related laws. Use of the contents and services provided by this Website by any organization or individual for commercial purposes shall be permitted in written form by Aspire or other holders of rights; Use of contents and services provided by this Website for non-commercial purposes shall abide by the provisions of the Copyright Law and other related laws, and shall not violate the rights and interests of the Website owner and related holders of rights.

No organization and individual shall illegally reproduce, copy or use this Website and its contents for commercial purposes without prior permission. The Website owner reserves the right to take legal actions against user behaviors that are verified as illegal or detrimental to the Website. Without authorization of the Website owner, no organization and individual shall build mirror sites, be it fully or partially mirrored.

• Copyright objections

In case any holder of rights believe that the text, pictures and audio-video materials (hereinafter called “products”)in this Website infringe the copyright of the holder, the holder shall timely notify the Website in written form so that the Website can remove the products in question or cut related linkage; Objections from the holder of rights who cannot present effective identity certificates, copyright ownership certificate and evidences for the alleged infringement will be taken as invalid objections. The Website shall not be liable to any consequences of mistaken removal of products or linkage cutting due to notification from the holder of rights.

2.Privacy Protection

Users can anonymously visit this Website and obtain information, but may be required to provide personal information such as name, address, telephone number and email address when using some functions of the Website such as “join us”. Users shall ensure the truthfulness and accuracy of the above-mentioned personal information. At any time, users have the right to choose not to receive any information from Aspire. The Website will strictly manage and protect information provided by users to prevent loss, theft or alteration of the personal information. The Website will take necessary measures to minimize users’ losses in case of damage and leakage of personal information due to special reasons such as force majeure or virus infection of and hacker attacks to computers, but shall not be held responsible for any result.

Without permission of users, the Website will not provide to any third party any personal information of users except for the following circumstances:

(1)The Website has adequate reasons to believe that it has obtained user authorization based on rules and procedures set by the Website;

(2)It is required by statutory documents such as laws, regulations and policies of the People’s Republic of China to provide such information;

(3)Personal information is disclosed due to objective reasons that cannot be attributed to the Website.

(4)Personal information is disclosed due to force majeure;

(5)Personal information is disclosed due to users’own mistakes;

(6)Personal information is disclosed due to reasons beyond the technical capability of hardware and software used by this Website;

(7)Personal information is disclosed as required by judicial institutions or government agencies and other competent authority.


The owner of the Website doesn’t declare or guarantee absolute integrity and accuracy of its published information, and doesn’t provide any explicit or implied warranty for any product, service and information that users buy or obtained based on the service information or product introduction on this Website. The Website shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses due to use of the above-mentioned information, products and services.